Jacopo Foggini

Handhaber von Polykarbonat


Jacopo Foggini was born in Turin and currently lives and works in Milan. He explores art and design crossing the boundaries imposed by the conventions of those disciplines. Jacopo joins really early the family business where he discovers the versatility of the methacrylate, an industrial material normally used in automotive design. His first experimentation with this material date back to the beginning of the nineties, when he starts using a machine of his own invention that heats the methacrylate up to 200 degrees Celsius, producing a filament that he models with his hands to create luminous shapes, monumental works and mazes of threads in an elegant intertwining of colors.


Abgesehen von seinen beleuchteten Skulpturen und Lustern beschäftigt er sich speziell für und bei EDRA mit nicht nur außergewöhnlichen sondern vor allem auch ausgesprochen gut zu besitzenden Stühlen.